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IDA Astra kits (You can order it!). IDA Astra-3X

I want to talk about lines rebreathers IDA Astra.
Currently we produce 4 line rebreathers. (IDA Astra-1X, IDA Astra-2X, IDA Astra-3X, IDA Astra-4X).

The first digit in the index rebreather as time is determined by the type of scrubber. The second digit is reserved for the various sets apparatus.
Components of IDA Astra rebreathers (IDA Astra kits) can also be used to upgrade the rebreather, which you already have.

The first part tells about IDA Astra-3X.

IDA Astra-3X is our new product designed primarily to create a rebreather used in deep technical dives. Components IDA Astra-3X are used as well for the upgrade of rebreathers Poseidon Mk6 Discovery and Se7en to the level of IDA Astra-3X.
Why need an upgrade of rebreathers Poseidon Mk6 Discovery and Se7en?1. The body scrubber. Unfortunately, the Swedish engineers have chosen overly budget solution. The Poseidon Mk6 Discovery and Se7en used Al extrusion, painted with a special paint. Damage of this paint is rapid death of the scrubber housing. Also aluminum case is easy to deform.
Of course, you can easily order spare body. However, we offer an alternative.
Titanium body scrubber IDA Astra-3X.

    • Titanium body scrubber IDA Astra-3X surpasses in strength aluminum body.
    • Titanium body scrubber IDA Astra 3-X does not corrode.
    • Titanium body scrubber IDA Astra-3X has just one O-ring, while the aluminum body is sealed on both sides.
    • Titanium body scrubber IDA Astra-3X has large air gaps from the wall to the cartridge. This provides greater efficiency absorber.
    • Titanium body scrubber IDA Astra-3X reduces the overall height of the scrubber, which allows the use of lower frame height.
In the photo – rebreather Poseidon Mk6 Discovery, upgrade to the level of IDA Astra-3X with titanium body scrubber:

2. Cartridge scrubber. At Poseidon Mk6 Discovery and Se7en nominally uses disposable cartridges. IDA Astra-3X may use disposable cartridges for Poseidon, but it comes with an original reusable cartridge:

3. Titanium frame. At Poseidon Mk6 Discovery and Se7en cylinders nominally attached to the body of the scrubber. Of course aluminum body can not withstand large cylinders. To install the large volume of cylinders used titanium frame, which also serves to protect the scrubber and electronics:

4. BMCL + Titanium MAV. The combination BMCL + MAV is more convenient thanks to the fact that it is not closed shoulder D-rings and do not interfere with work with your hands. Also BMCL allow much easier to keep trim and buoyancy control.

BMCL + Titanium MAV:

Now let’s return from the modified Poseidon Mk6 Discovery and Se7en to IDA Astra-3X. What is the difference of our unit from the Swedish upgraded apparatus? Unlike in electronics. On our machine is electronics AV1. This allows you to create modern electronic apparatus at a very modest budget.

AV1eCCR controller manages the solenoid and supports preset setpoint based on information received from oxygen cells. Oxygen is supplied by the solenoid in cycles: every 5 seconds – fixed pause, and 0.2-20 seconds – Oxygen supply. Time of Oxygen supply is calculated by the controller and depends on several factors:
    • difference between the setpoint and O2 level change in the loop (proportional share);
    • O2 level change speed in the loop (differential share);
    • weighted error time (integral share).
AV1eCCR controller does not support redundancy system (Master-Slave) to manage the solenoid, though it is possible to use the second AV1 computer with Fischer-connector for redundancy monitoring of Oxygen cells’ operation. In case if the main controller fails, this configuration allows you to finish your dive with manual Oxygen supply into the rebreather loop.
AV1eCCR controller calibration procedure is simple. It starts automatically with each controller’s switch on (though it is possible to cancel it), or you can force the calibration process via the Menu in Surface mode.
    • O2 % in calibration gas is set up (by default – 98%);
    • upon confirmation the solenoid is opened for uninterrupted supply and fills the loop with calibration gas;
    • at the moment of gas supply via the solenoid Oxygen cells are tested in uninterrupted way. As soon as indication of each Oxygen cell stops changing during the set time period, cell calibraton is successfully finished. During this process testing for allowed cell indication level is made.
Important! Solenoid and cells must be calibrated in one gas volume.
AV1eCCR controller works with two independent power sources B1 and B2. By default B1 is the main power source. If during operation B1 discharged to less than 20% of nominal charge, then the controller switches to using B2 battery. If then B2 battery also discharges down to 20% and less, then power supply will be made from both batteries at the same time (connected in parallel).
The HUD has two L.E.D.s: red and green.
    • If everything is in order, then green L.E.D. indicator is on;
    • If everything is in order, but PO2 differs from the preset Setpoint by more than 0.2, but less than 0.4, then green indicator is slowly flashing;
    • If everything is in order, but PO2 differs from the preset Setpoint by more than 0.4, then green indicator is quickly flashing.
    • Ascending speed is high (faster than 10 meters/min.);
    • Decompression ceiling depth is exceeded;
    • Any Oxygen cell is out of order;
    • РО2 is more than 1.6;
    • РО2 is less than 0.4;
    • Low battery charging level;
then green L.E.D. is off, and red L.E.D. indicator starts flashing, and Alarm warning appears on the screen.
Heads-up display HUD-s Technical characteristics:
    • Number of measuring channels / indication: 3.
    • PO2 measurement accuracy: 0.1 bar.
    • Indication: 3 channels with 5 LEDs each.
    • Independent indication: 2 LEDs (red and green) with connection to AV1f or AV1eCCR.
    • Uninterrupted operation duration: not less than 100 hours.
    • Tested depth: 250 meters.
    • Calibration: air or oxygen.
    • Operation temperatures range: -10 ⁰С..+45 ⁰С

IDA Astra-3X is also equipped with the original DSV and hoses:

IDA Astra kits (You can order it!). Price IDA Astra-3X parts

Price IDA Astra-3X parts:

    • AV1eCCR head + HUD-A – € 1 760,00
    • AV1eCCR head + HUD-s – € 1 700,00
    • BMCL – € 425,00
    • Titanium Body Scrubber (with 4 bolt and cartridge adapter) € 665,00
    • ​Cartridge scrubber – preliminary price € 190,00
    • Titanium MAV – € 135,00
    • Titanium frame (full version) – € 665,00
    • Titanium frame (only body) – € 366,00
    • DSV with hoses and Scrubber hoses price is not fixed currently.

What are the different options?
HUD-A differs from the HUD-s that it is within the self-contained power supply. HUD-A continues to operate, even when the rest of the electronics switched off.

In this photo option AV1eCCR head + HUD-s:


Only body titanium frame gives you the opportunity to save money:

Full version titanium frame provides accommodation cylinders of any size valves down and protect the scrubber and electronics:

Prices for Poseidon parts correspond to the official prices in Russia:

    • 6011-012 Molprod Top – € 32,83

  • 6010-006 Round pack – €135,31
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